Speaking out on Handedness issues

Note from Todd Robertson, editor-in-chief of The American Magalogue:

This article originally appeared on the U.K.-based website Mummy Wumsy’s Super Duper Advice Blog, a parenting website which in recent years has come to focus primarily on left-handed issues. As the numbers of people identifying as “left-handed” have skyrocketed, left-handed activism is an ever more extreme and powerful faction in British politics, closely aligned with Antifa and the marxist Black Lives Matter movement. In a horrible blow to free speech, the writer of this piece was effectively silenced for expressing common sense views rooted in a Biblical understanding of handedness. She has been branded a “LHERF,” or left-handed exclusionary radical feminist, and the woke mob has cancelled her via a number of vicious and uncalled-for criticisms. I of course disagree with the writer’s views of feminism—feminism is a cancer which seeks to destroy the traditional family—but her silencing is a terrifying omen of what may happen in the United States if we do not clamp down on left-handed activism as aggressively as possible. I have chosen to reprint it in The American Magalogue in the name of continuing this crucial conversation despite the efforts of powerful handedness-activists to silence all dissent.

The debate on left-handedness might as well be a 2003 hit single by Britney Spears,1 because it’s toxic.

It has gotten so toxic that many are frightened into silence. When we see how those who speak out are treated—from speaking invitations rescinded, to abuse from supposed “left-handed activists” on Twitter—it’s easy to decide to keep one’s head down and keep quiet. Things have gotten so extreme that in many parts of Europe and North America, everyone is too scared to even debate whether they should stop driving on the statistically more dangerous side of the road, lest just asking the question means they’re branded a bigot. It has created a free speech crisis, with many well-respected academics and progressive writers deemed persona non grata for having an apparently impermissible perspective on this subject.

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